Majid Majidi Director's Filmography

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The Willow Tree ( Beed-e Majnoon) 1383   2005  Feature

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Olympics In the Camp ( Olympik Tu Urdugah)  1381  2003  Documentary Go    Go  

Barefoot to Herat ( Pa berahneh ta Harat)  1380  2002  Documentary  Go   Go  Go
Baran (Rain)  1379  2001  Feature  Go  Go  Go
The Color Of Paradise ( Rang e Khoda)  1377  1999  Feature  Go  Go Go
Children of Heaven ( Bacheha ye aseman)  1375  1997  Feature  Go  Go Go
God will come ( Khoda mi ayad)  1374  1996  Short Go Go Go
Father (Pedar)  1374  1996  Feature  Go  Go Go
The last village ( Akhareen Abadeh)  1372  1993  Short  Go Go Go
Baduk  1370  1992  Feature  Go  Go Go
A Day With POWs
(Yek rooz zendegi ba aser)
 1367  1989 Documentary  Go


Examination day (Rooz e Emtehan)  1367  1988 Short Go Go  Go
Hoodaj  1367  1984 Short  Go


Explosion (Enfejar)  1367  1981 Documentary  Go